PSi President Maaike Bleeker Visited Shanghai Theatre Academy

PSi President Maaike Bleeker visited Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) on Nov. 4. During her stay in Shanghai, Prof. Bleeker had several meetings with STA administrators and the PSi 20 preparatory group for PSi 20 conference arrangements and the potential cooperation between PSi and STA in the future.

On 7th , Prof. Lou Wei, the STA Chairman, met with Prof. Bleeker. Lou talked about the prospects of future cooperation between STA and PSi. He pointed out that STA pays great attention to the development of Performance Study because it is a new field in China. We expect a breakthrough of Performance Study in China by holding PSi 20 conference. Bleeker expressed her full confidence in STA’s successfully hosting PSi 20 and expected more exciting sparks of ideas inspired by the scholars and artists around the world. She was also looking forward that STA, as an important force in the international arena of performance study, to play a greater role in the future.

Prof. Bleeker also met the members of the preparatory group, including Professors William Sun, Zhang Shengquan, Shen Liang and Peng Yongwen. Sun introduced to Maaike the progress of the preparations for the conference. Bleeker focused on the promotion of CFP, including usage of PSi’ existing networks, improvement of PSi 20 website providing more information to attract participants, as well as updating information for Psi members to help them complete the registration, visa and other formalities. Bleeker then discussed with the preparatory group more details of the conference, such as the itinerary, types of performances and the activities, etc. Bleeker also toured the STA campus, accompanied by the preparatory group members. She was deeply impressed by the complete hardware and software and strong artistic atmosphere of STA.