The Seminar for PSi 20 Was Held by STA Junior Faculty Salon

The Seminar for the 20th Performance Studies International Conference (PSi 20) was held in Faculty Club by Richard Schechner Center of Performance Studies and STA Junior Faculty Salon on Dec.19, 2013. More than 20 teachers attended the seminar.

  Prof. William Sun, Chair of PSi 20 Organizing Board, told the participants about the bid and preparations for PSi 20. STA got the approval to host PSi 20 by its inspiring theme "Avant-garde, Tradition,Community" and well-prepared conference planning book. It will be the first time for Performance Studies International Conference to be heldby an Asian University. It will also be the largest global academic and artistic conference that STA has ever held.

So far we has received more than 300 proposals from nearly 40countries/administrative regions around the world. Prof. Sun expected that STA teachers from various departments will actively participate in the conference. He encouraged the teachers to join the dialogues and exchanges of ideas with artists and scholars around the world throughpanels, papers, performances or praxis sessions on this high-end platform, which will surely help the junior faculty members to expandtheir academic and artistic horizon. In the second half of the seminar, participants had warm and in-depth discussions on possible topics, forms and contents of their prospective proposals.(Chu Fei, Zou Haoping)