PSi 20 Schedule is Online Now!

Dear PSi 20 Participants,

This is the first draft of the complete program for our upcoming conference. Please take a careful look at it, especially those who have special time requests. We have done our best to accommodate your needs. Yet I’m afraid we might still have missed something. Please let me know as soon as you could should you see any problem in the program.

Due to time pressure, we have enlisted many of you to chair paper panels without having checked with you individually. If you find a time conflict with your schedule or if you cannot chair certain panel, please also let me know. We’ll write to each chair with your panel’s paper abstracts so you can learn more about the panel.

Thank you all very much for contributing to this program. My colleagues and I at STA are really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


All the best,


Shirley Zou

STA- PSi 20


Here’s the link that you can download the document: